Why the Toilet Seat ?

images“The toilet is a great place to get in some hard thinking, but it’s also a good spot to get in touch with your heart, your soul and your spiritual self.”

I recently realized that toilet seat was the place where I was making most of my life’s important decisions. Beginning my day with reading my newspaper journal, to struggling through a monotonous book to shedding some tears to clarify my head, it’s all happened there. And am sure on the previous eve of the exam, when on the verge of pulling your hair, unable to focus, even you must have resorted to the sanctity of that space to get through that last chapter in your course book.

See, it’s like meditation. From enabling you to grasp things better, to analyzing, reflecting, decision-making, pondering, it makes you feel like the Professor from X-MEN with his headgear on.

See for yourself  tomorrow morning !!


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