I need sane politicians, who talk logic !!


Almost a fortnight since the brutal Gang Rape incident, the issue has been raped by the public, media, politicians, bureaucrats, celebrities and almost every living person in this country. It was like a war zone, multiple things happening in different corners- protests, innocents being lathi-charged, a constable losing his life, petitions, public meeting, political statements, people changing their display pictures on social media, to mention a few.

Much to the fear of the critics, the hullabaloo had simmered down. It was bound to. I won’t say that we are back to square one. We have definitely drifted to the next square. Identifying the problem is the first step in any process and we saw evidence of it in the public outrage, which made me believe that the coming generation will see a better India.

Until today, when I heard a statement by one of our wise politicians that “Women will be punished like Sita if they cross limits” followed soon by golden words from an RSS chief that “Rapes happen in India, not Bharat”. This sounded like a sequel to the Khaps blaming ‘chowmein’ for the rapes. And before that the Bombay High Court  stating that a wife should be like Goddess Sita who followed everything her husband said.

By now so many of our politicians/ bureaucrats have broken the sanity barrier; its almost impossible to keep track. At a time when we need serious political and social action, we are bombarded with such shockingly regressive statements, which trigger only one response “MORONS”. I can still give them a benefit of doubt for delayed decisions, fake promises, but making such nonsensical statements in the backdrop of such serious concern has convinced me that as much as we need serious rape laws, anti-corruption bill, we need politicians with some ‘Common Sense’.

I need politicians who can tell me that strict action would be implemented than advice me not to wear short skirts, and not to tread out in my own city late night. I need them to come out in public and assure them that they share their sentiments than tell us how we should take heed from an ancient character epitomized in our scriptures. And above all, I need them to optimally use their grey matter before making such insane statements in public.

Isn’t this the least this country deserves? To have leaders who talk logic and sense ? (@samta09)


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