How I ‘Beat the Heat’ !!

So, all of you dissolving in the Bambai rains can’t even imagine the ‘state of affairs’ in Delhi. The temperature here reaches 45 degrees. The city is like an open furnace. You could keep your chicken on the car bonnet and it’d grill. You cannot have a cold water shower ever. You can however, reel in the pleasure that you get to have a steam bath everyday. Frankly, the only good part perhaps is the butter melts quickly.


And within all this torture, sometimes it plays ‘powercut games’ with you. It’s like your own little personal hell stimulator. And especially when it happens post 11 o clock at night, I see a justification why the electricity board office would keep their telephone lines off. They definitely don’t want a downpour of abuses.

Basically I feel helpless sometimes, literally counting seconds. I have pondered the idea of walking to a 24*7 store for a coffee. I console myself with a walk on the terrace, that I am finally burning few more calories. I have stared with all possible jealousy at the far-off metro station which is still lighted up, despite the services having shut down by 11pm.

They are perhaps right when they say it’s all in the mind. One a similar night, I stood on my terrace gazing down at the lonely road. I saw three sights, each of them a story. I saw a truck full of bricks pass-by; two men sleeping on the bed of those bricks. Another man cross up to the divider, opened his folding bed, placed it there right below the streetlight, settled himself on it and quietly dozed off. Two men by the coconut water stall, opened up their mosquito net, set it up with bricks, crawled inside and perhaps within seconds, dozed off to another land.

I quietly went down to my room, got a bedsheet and 3 cushions, arranged them on the seating slab on my terrace, lay down staring at the stars. It wasn’t that bad after all.

That’s the only way you beat the heat. It’s all in the mind after all.


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